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Deepening Solidarity in the Fight for Racial Justice

Photo courtesy of APANO.

Story by Pete Shaw The road to obtaining political power is fraught with obstacles, including a variety of institutional forms of racism. As Frederick Douglass once noted, power concedes nothing without a demand. Democracy must be wrested from the powerful through the hard work of those struggling for justice. As advocates for justice organize communities,…

A-APRP Celebrates One Year of Feeding Bodies and Minds

Photo by Kathryn Kendall

Story by Pete Shaw “What have you learned here in the last year?” Ahjamu Umi poses that question to the four young people–Emmanuelle, Habakkuk, Jaiden, and Ja’waun–who have gathered around a table of food and packages just outside of Columbia International Cup coffeehouse in New Columbia. Last April, the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), with…

Burgerville Workers Form Union for Better Wages and Workplace


Story and photos by Pete Shaw Over 120 people gathered at the Clinton Street Theater in SE Portland on Wednesday April 25 to mark the launch of of the Burgerville Workers Union. The workers have organized themselves with the support of the Industrial Workers of the World at multiple stores in Portland and Vancouver, Washington…