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Posts Tagged ‘ Occupy the Courts ’

Occupiers Continue Their Tangle With The State

June 25, 2012
Deputy District Attorney Brian Lowney explains the procedure for getting access to police video -- "It's actually $31 -- not $35."

Story and photos by Paul Cone, with additional reporting by Jackie Miller. Updated 7:58 p.m. Occupy Portland defendants waded through another hearing Monday afternoon in Judge Cheryl Albrecht’s Multnomah County court, with many arguments made, but no cases dismissed or trial dates set.  Highlights of the day included a defense motion by attorney Pete Castleberry...
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Eviction Court

June 9, 2012
Eviction Court

by Lauren Paulson Eviction Court Any way you look at it, you don’t want to be there. Eviction Court. First floor of the Multnomah County Courthouse. It is a desultory place. The welcome mat is not there for you. To get in you have to get naked. Well almost. There is a gauntlet of...
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Post-Arrest FAQ: Know the Courts, Occupy the Courts

May 19, 2012
Post-Arrest FAQ: Know the Courts, Occupy the Courts

by Chris O’Connor and Stu Sugarman Many resources are available to explain your constitutional rights when you are facing arrest. But what happens after you have been arrested? The Occupier recently asked lawyers Chris O’Connor and Stu Sugarman to answer some “Frequently Asked Questions”. Arraign-what? An arraignment is the first hearing in many criminal...
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Occupy’s Battles in Court

March 14, 2012
photo by Paul

By Jackie Miller Out of the Courthouse, Into the Streets Most Monday afternoons since early this year have been “Occupy Monday” at Judge Cheryl Albrecht’s courtroom. In Multnomah County Circuit Court, room 428, Judge Albrecht has had dozens and dozens of Occupy defendants on her Monday docket—all those charged with violations at protests, who...
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