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How Far Would You Go, Eileen Brady? An Open Letter

Photo by Paul

By Stephen Quirke Updated 5/12/12: with edits by the author. Hey Eileen, it’s Stephen. We spoke a few weeks ago on Earth Day. I’m writing to you because, to my great surprise, you recently brought me up at a mayoral debate on KGW TV (see the linked video at the 18:18 mark). A moderator with…

(Only a Few) Candidates Gone Wild

Photo by Paul

By Elona Trogub “Candidates Gone Wild”, an event organized by the Bus Project, was not only an exercise in democracy, it was a blatant slap in democracy’s face–a reminder that our democracy only goes as far as the thickness of a candidate’s checkbook. Although poignant questions about racism and equity were raised–for example, why only…