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Occupy Greeting Card!

From Barbara Ellis comes this free design of a greeting card for Occupiers to use during the holiday season! You can download a PDF of the card here, and print as many as you like! From all of us here at The Occupier, happy holidays!

I Am

by Kate Fitzgerald I do not comply I defy you I will not be silent Not wait my turn I will stand on tables and shout For everything you are against I will chain myself To your fences Scream when you ask for silence Leave my blood on your steps Bully and I will call…

Two Poems by Son of Suburbia

by Son Of Suburbia Age of Factions Politically correctly speaking, Begrudgingly looked away, lived. Insinuations, subtle instigations As blunted daggers written into ballots cast. But complacency settles second hand thought containers. Yet I could eat full. My children rested in a comfort majority in school yards. I had a job, But then it happened. It…