Occupy Events: Occupy Bagdad Comedy Show, Auction and Film

Tuesday, November 8, the prestigious Bagdad Theater (3712 SE Hawthorne) is opening it’s doors on behalf of Occupy Portland, presenting a silent auction & winter contribution drive, a world-class occupy-themed political comedy show, and movie to end the night with all proceeds going directly to Occupy Portland.

Here’s what is going on.

Silent Auction – Local merchants have really demonstrated their support for this event by contributing more than 30 items to date. The auction opens at 6 PM when the doors do, and the auction will conclude around 7:30.

Comedy Show – In addition to several local comics to open the comedy at 8 PM–including some part time occupiers–we are delighted to present a main bill of no less then four “occupy friendly” headliners: Nato Green, from Occupy SF, “Laughter Against The Machine;” Dwight Slade, “Best of US Comedy Arts Festival;” Auggie Smith, winner of both San Francisco & Seattle’s International Comedy Competitions in 2010; and Arlo Stone, from our very own Occupy Portland & “Comedy Central.” With over 100 years of comedy experience combined, the political/social comedy alone is a steal for anyone in solidarity with occupy at only $10 a ticket.

Movie – At 10 PM, a showing of “The People Speak.” The award winning documentary based on Howard Zinn’s book, “A People’s History of the United States,” examines the historical impact of grass roots resistance and peoples struggles for justice in this country.

Just 10$, and all for the cause of the occupation!

My name is Arlo. I’m one of the organizers and performers of this show. I was the political comic and host at the Bagdad on Election Night Tuesday for Obama’s election, three years ago this week. That event sold out. I remember the hope and jubilation amongst those in attendance, that an era of “real change” was being created on that night. To all there then, and for those joining us in solidarity with the occupation, I ask now for you to return this Tuesday, to help usher in the “real change”.

Occupy Portland started October 6th, 2011 as a peaceful solidarity rally for the Occupy Wall Street movement. We are now one of thousands of cities internationally participating in an effort to get the peoples’ voices heard. We are hard at work like you, creating intentional communities for us all and strengthening neighborhoods at the expense of corporate scope and influence. We are the 99%, and together we can change the world. We thought we were escaping Right/Left business-as-usual three years ago, but now we’re making the change ourselves. I believe we can fill the place, because I’ve seen it happen. And now we’re going to do it again, in solidarity with New York City, Oakland, and hundreds of other cities around the world, who, when faced with greed and injustice, PUSH BACK! Our movement has a chance with your participation to again shock the status quo to the core with a show of strength and solidarity from the 99%. Come one come all,on behalf of restoring financial order, WE ISSUE A ONE NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT GENERAL STRIKE ON FINANCIAL MALFEASANCE WITH OCCUPY BAGDAD!

10$. 30 auction items, world class political comedy, a perfect movie. Just ten measly dollars. Get your tickets now!

Online tickets available from Cascade tickets, or at the Occupy Portland information table.

Also check out the event page on Facebook.

How else can you help? Contribution drive. Help the homeless and less fortunately with any warm winter gear you might have, including tarps. We will be accepting gear and financial donations all day Tuesday at the Bagdad.

Please help us spread the word, invite your friends and share on your social media sites.

by Arlo Stone