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  1. rob
    November 10, 2011 at 12:45 PM

    This site has evolved into an excellent source of information. That being said the encampment has devolved into a mess. I hope that the eviction of protesters goes without incident.

  2. Patricia Williams
    November 14, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    Thousands and thousands of our fellow human beings are in the streets day after day professing their demand for change. But what change exactly? They do not have a unified statement. The occupation movement is a global one. Each and every human being involved on any level knows without a doubt, that profound aspects of history are being written right now. Our descendants will read of and study this era in the history of the world and wonder what we, the people who got to live it, were like. How did we cope?

    I have heard the mainstream media ask, “What are they protesting for? What is their goal?” This is complex as each and every individual involved or observing, has a different goal. Where they have been united is the desire to make their statement peacefully, regardless of their success in achieving this goal. The Occupy Movement has been stated to be a group of misfits whose only goal is disobedience. The now global Occupy Movement is far more than a group of misfits, as well as far more than a single group. They are human kind. The unfortunate aspect of aspiring for peace is that should another flawed fellow human being have opposing aspirations, you fail. The Occupy Movement has been accused of being nothing more than an excuse to misbehave. This accusation is the most absurd of any accusations in history for the single and utterly simple reason that it has gone global. The possibility of a group of misfits with purpose, inspiration or goal having global influence is such that the simplest minded person should chuckle at those prospects.

    Yes, each location of the Occupy Movement has crime, drugs, homeless, drinking and violence; As does every American city. They have cost the local and state governments large sums of money, and not cost the large corporations that are the target of the movement a fair sum in comparison. Yet they continue to push forward with their purpose and goals. They are hit with batons, take Pepper Spray in their face, and go without food, water, bathroom facilities, shelter and any comfort of home. What seems to be lost on mainstream media is that regardless of criticism, perceived failure, and opposition, they continue because of their purpose.

    I do not anticipate any leader of the Occupy Movement being elected at any point. Why this is a source of confusion, confuses me. The American people have elected leaders to guide us and protect our rights. They are elected to ensure justice and equality, and they have failed. The American people are subjected to be ruled by greed in which our constitutional rights are disregarded for the sake of the dollar. This is proven by every peaceful protestor who is removed by police and deprived our first amendment right of Freedom to Assemble. Freedom, Liberty and Justice should not have a monetary value. yet it does and in many aspects, these rights have been sold. This is proven when any policy or law is accepted by any level of government that places more value on the dollar than it does the people it affects. These policies and laws are many, and their impact on American people is substantial.

    To the 1% who are confused by the message being directed at them. Fair trade is not what is opposed. Manipulation of media to control and restrict consumer’s knowledge and beliefs, to control the outcome of elections to ensure the politicians of your chosen that will work for your interests, addictive and deadly chemicals used in products to ensure continued profit does not qualify as fair trade. What amounts to bribery of the politicians that you then ensure election through your control of media is not fair trade. Disregard of employee rights and unfair treatment and wages are despicable practices that if ceased, would not cost you very much. I promise you, you would still have more money than you could ever spend. But this has proven to never be enough for you. Freedom of the press was intended to protect the American people from these activities. The control of the press is malicious and callous, and can only be viewed as an attempt at obtaining dictatorship of our country, which some believe occurred some time ago. Monopolized markets and illegal foreclosure do not qualify as fair trade, and the methods that have been used to obtain these monopolies are nothing shy of mass oppression and morals of those responsible are equivalent to those of Hitler. You have no regard for human life, the earth, or the suffering you cause. Our government has failed to protect us from you, so the American people and the Occupy Movement have taken it upon ourselves to see that you are overthrown. Your practices will no longer be accepted or tolerated.

    To the participants in media who knowingly participate in the manipulation and control of information provided to the public. Access to knowledge is our right; you are acting as the equivalent of Hitler’s solders. The American People know when you are lying and omitting information. You hold an equal share of the responsibility of the oppression and suffering that has been deliberately caused. For those who do not know they are tools used for these evil purposes, please get an actual education of some kind. The latest activities of Hollywood Stars should not qualify as breaking news while mass injustice is consistently being concealed. Look beyond what is at face value and what you are told to believe and find the real stories. They are vast and incredible. Most importantly of all, tell the whole truth. Allow the people their inherent right to decide for themselves.

    The question I have is who is going to be the brilliant mind of our time who steps out of their established role, thought process and standards, and take a step to resolve the true conflicts. Up to this point I have seen some address symptoms, but no one stand to cure the contagious disease that has plagued the world fiercely enough to inspire and the world as the Occupy Movement has. I have yet to see the hero or heroine of this story step forward, face the ridicule of breaking the norm, and take that momentous step toward resolution. Who in power will lack greed enough to end these atrocities?
    To some who may be offended by any aspect of this, I do apologize. To others I don’t.
    Patricia Williams, Damascus Oregon

    • Stevie Ray
      December 28, 2011 at 5:06 PM

      Holly Moldy i must have missed something in my 60 yrs of radical misbehavior as i totally missed that “Occupy” movement has gone global in that other country’s are demonstrating on Americans efforts at “Occupy” Wall Street. Heck, i have yet to even see a national mobilization (of even medium degree)develop nationally and it took what,…3 months for somebody to finally call for a ‘May Day’ march to DC. Whew, a good history course of the 60’s-75 needs to be established so as to educate the 15-35 yr olds who apparently have no knowledge of such paltry historic events like the Amer Civil Rights Movement, Mobilization to end the Vietnam War,SDS,SNCC, The Weatherman, May Day 71 in DC,March on the Pentagon, 1967, Days of Rage (Chicago Dem Convention 1968), Poor Peoples March, Million Man March. But alas what would a person who organized,was there and even witnessed the gunning down of 4 fellow students and wounding of 7 on the Kent State Univ. campus May 4,1970 know about the “Occupy” movement

      • jim thomsen
        January 26, 2012 at 2:23 PM

        Thank you for all you have been a part of and you honest response to Patricia. I am 40 and just started writing again after years of imposed silence. Its because of the courage and conviction and ‘action’ of folks like you that have set me free. I am the 99%, and I am starting a new life and its about time.

  3. Laura
    November 18, 2011 at 3:33 AM

    I am in TOTAL support of the movement. It has needed to happen, and for some time now.

    There are many working Americans, as well as others around the globe that have lost everything because they were promised that if they saved for retirement the money would be there. Many have had to return to work.

    Many work but find their savings gone and are one paycheck from the street.

    Those without homes and so many home sit empty.

    Where to start is exactly WHERE YOU ARE.
    In prayer that all moves according to His purpose and for real change to happen.

    God Bless

  4. rob
    November 21, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Really?!?! Comparing the “atrocities” of corporate america to the actual atrocities of Nazi germany??? Are banks leading jews to ovens somewhere? Did GM use that bailout money to set up concentration camps? Did AIG build a bunch of gas chambers that I did not know about? I hear “nazi” and “hitler” thrown around a lot when listening to messages from Occupy Portland. Comparing anything going on today with the crimes against humanity from nazi Germany is an insult to the memories of the millions slaughtered.

  5. jimmy tardy
    November 29, 2011 at 8:38 PM

    I would like to ask the publishers of the occupier to change the name on the masthead to “Occupant”. the terms are self explanatory in their difference. This is our home that we are occupants of. Occupiers best describe US military personnel

    • KendallOP
      November 29, 2011 at 8:51 PM

      That will require an editorial meeting, Jimmy. Are you serious? “Occupant” is what spam mail always says. “Occupant” or “Current resident.” Not very friendly. We’ve been referring to each other as “Occupiers” throughout the duration, and OWS calls its (print and online) newspaper The Occupied Wall Street Journal. So we have a lot of precedent. Who are the people who Occupy? Occupiers. That could refer to military personnel, but it also refers to people who occupy…a home.

      • Avery
        January 30, 2012 at 3:04 PM

        Actually, ‘occupant’ and ‘occupier’ are synonyms.

  6. Jerry
    December 7, 2011 at 1:48 AM


    One of your statements really stood out, you say, “They have cost the local and state governments large sums of money, and not cost the large corporations that are the target of the movement a fair sum in comparison”.

    With that logic, you could also come to the conclusion that someone who rapes one woman is justifiable when compared to a serial rapist, or a stealing $200 dollars from your Occupier buddies is okay because Wall Street / the banks steal millions.

    Is this kind of misguided thought that is killing your movement. The parks are for all citizens, rich, poor, middle income, everyone. Each time you “Occupy” you are depriving the people that want to take their dog for a walk, enjoy a morning walk / run and costing the 99% money to repair the damage you have caused.

    Even Michael Moore says the target should be the elected officials that you helped put in place that have exempted themselves from rules we have to abide by, who have let lobbyists corrupt their vote, have become beholden to the almighty dollar instead of the citizens who put them in office.

    Y’all need to rethink your strategy, realize that wealth comes from hard work and sacrifice, and that you are not owed success, it’s something you earn.

    • Bruce Dennis
      December 14, 2011 at 10:31 AM

      Our corrupt government should absolutely be the focus of the Occupy Movement

  7. Robert P. Christian
    January 19, 2012 at 3:36 AM

    How are you guys holding up? I hope you’re not discouraged by all the negativity that you have received in response to your good efforts. The vast majority of readers don’t respond, especially if they like what they read. The RW trolls will do everything they can to discourage anything that didn’t originate from ALEC, the Heritage Foundation or Karl Rove. I hope you hang in there.

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