Mayor Announced Eviction of Occupation and Closure of Parks

In a press conference at this morning at 10 AM, Mayor Sam Adams announced that 12:01 AM on Sunday, November 13th, both Chapman and Lownsdale parks will be cleared of protesters and materials, and closed for repairs.

In the mayor’s statement, he said that growing problems of crime and drug use in the parks has become unmanageable. The protesters have been responsive and communicative, but he cannot allow the occupation to continue as is. The parks will be closed and fenced off for as long as necessary to rehabilitate the parks. The mayor said that outreach will be conducted by the city for the homeless and those with social needs.

“Events have conspired to make these camps especially vulnerable to problems,” the mayor said.

He mentioned that the city must balance free speech with the impact of that free speech.

“We will be prepared to make arrests.”

An emergency GA has been scheduled for noon today, in order to discuss a plan for the occupation.

If you wish to tell the city of your support for Occupy Portland, here are city contact numbers:

Sam Adam’s Office:

Police Chief Michael Reese:

Police Captain Sarah Westbrook:

Police Lieutenant Bob Heimbach:

Police Services, Central Precinct:

Commission of Public Safety Randy Leonard:
503 823-4682

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