Poems by David S. Pointer

photo by John Labovitz

by David S. Pointer

Poetic Resilience

-In Memory of
Federico Garcia Lorca

My capacity to care
concerning all poems political
had been depleted like the
Spanish dolphin population
off the coast of compassion
in the exotic Alboran Sea
until I realized I live in a
land that produces more new
prisons, more new destructive
products, and more new
permanent temporary companies
faster than any political
poet comes into being. Once
more my pen probes through
the radioactive dust of
corporate denial.

Rubber Bulletville

Watching you hire all your friends
waiting for you to hire family members
other than your own—magnifying their
compensation packages while the world
calls out like a cutting table amputee —
filing down the grid coordinates of
global pain and unrest expecting vast
populations to down the pills of the
American Dream or ‘the promise of’
instead of actual fair pay or medicine


The private sector
hires the credible
policy pirates for
wage theft-some
wear cuff links or
senatorial columns
in publicity pictures
cutting worker pay,
and positions hoping
certain mass brain’s
black out lamps won’t
come on to organize