Bank Transfer Day: Live

Welcome to our first experiment liveblogging! Im Adam Rothstein, Thr PoC, and Ill be the main voice today, as I follow the other voices voting with their wallet as they pull their money out of big banks and deposit it in local credit unions. Bare with us as we test our technology; and please excuse any typos caused by cold fingers sliding on a cell phone screen. Horrible times we live in, no? 🙂 [Note: photos arent working right now, Ill add the later.]

11:10 AM – March is over. There are donuts for people opening new accounts. Actually, for everyone. Coffee too. Going to wrap up the liveblog. Thanks for reading!

11:01 AM – 66% of our money in the US is in just five corporate banks. Call to push institutions to move their money as well.

10:55 AM – March has zigzagged through Chinatown to a parking lot on NW 3rd and Everett. It seems to be a credit union: Northwest Resources Federal Credit Union. I dont know anything about this CU personally. I bank at Advantis Credit Union already. (Theyre great! Fantastic customer service.) In the parking area (out of the rain!) theres a small stage, and a guy whose name I didnt catch is making a speech.

Photo by Adam Rothstein

10:43 AM – March has reached Burnside and 6th. The police have started limiting crossing to only the white hand part of the crossing signal cycle, slowing up progress and confusing people. Many of the crossings near the MAX tracks have only a few seconds of that signal in their cycle. March is now split between NE corner of intersection and SW. Im not sure of the next destination; one would think the US Bank Corp building would be a stop, but march is going East on Burnside on the north sidewalk.

10:29 AM – Now at Wells Fargo branch, 6th and Morrison. Crowd seems happier and more jubilant as we go and folks get into the idea. Very non-confrontational; police officers are walking right among us on the sidewalks.

10:22 AM – At Chase Bank, 6th and Yamhill. More warrants applied. Let it be known, in case anyone claims differently, the warrants are being stuck to the windows with water, not wheatpaste or adhesive of any kind. Thank goodness for Portland rain!

Photo by Adam Rothstein

10:15 AM – At US Bank, on 6th and Taylor. Citizens Arrest warrants are being stuck to the outside. Whose money? Our money! is the chant.

10:10 AM – its quiet downtown on a Saturday, with all of these tall financial towers lying dormant, if malignant. Its symbolic, hearing the chants echo off those impassive, marble walls.

9:55 AM – March reaches the front of the Wells Fargo building on 5th. Because of the number of people, march is staying on sidewalks and obeying lights. I believe it remains un-permitted.

9:45 AM – Rally starts. Move Your Money! About 60 folks here, braving the rain. First destination is Wells Fargo

Photo by Adam Rothstein

9:22 AM – Getting off train, going for coffee. Rally begins in five minutes at Terry Schrunk plaza.