Plans for N12-13

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As you might already be aware, the city has announced that 12:01 AM on November 13th is the deadline for Occupy Portland to leave its parks, before police action can be expected. The occupiers have been busy since that announcement. Here’s some of the plans and events for tomorrow, leading up to the inevitable confrontation that will occur when police push the city’s deadline, and protesters attempt to maintain their occupation.

from the press release on

Occupy Portland is responding to the Mayor’s threat of eviction on Saturday night, November 12/13, by throwing a Potluck Dinner: a family-friendly event with music and celebration for the entire city. Affinity groups will lead neighborhoods in marches beginning around 2 p.m. converging on the Occupation from about 5 PM. At least one group is coming from Seattle. There were announcements of support from local and regional groups. The purpose of the Occupy potluck is to bring a significant mass of people together in solidarity with the nonviolent, humanitarian goals of Occupy.

After the emergency GA held in front of City Hall at noon [on Thursday], working groups prepared lists of actions that people can take before and after the eviction date. Most of the ideas put forward include the importance of gathering the largest crowd Occupy Portland has yet seen, united in peace, united in support for the 99% whose interests have not been served by corporatism, by war, and by the concentration of wealth in the hands of the very few. Visions include the following:

–a mass of people, singing and chanting, circling the encampment Saturday night on foot and bicycle;
–food: empanadas, pizza, cake, locally-grown fruits and vegetables;
–music: guitars, drums, shakers, singalongs;
–more signs: creative signs, funny signs, home-made signs with memorable slogans;
–playful costumes (warm and fuzzy ones, bunny suits, Portland at its weird and wonderful best);
–dancing all night long.

Before Saturday night, those who have valuables in the Occupied parks are urged to secure them and to move them off-site. Coalitions of local labor groups and some local churches are offering transportation and storage. Friday is a day for clean-up for the potluck. Some voices recommend “leave no trace.”

A training for those who are willing to risk being arrested is offered by the National Lawyer’s Guild at 2 PM on Saturday. Others will provide support for those being arrested.

Also announced is a bike rally, both tonight, and tomorrow night:

Protect the occupation! Swarm this Saturday Night Nov 12, on foot or on bicycle.

11pm at Salmon St Fountain (SW Naito and Salmon in waterfront park) we meet to circle and rally around Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. Also feel free to arrive in affinity groups on the hour at the site all night/morning long. Bring good spirits, costumes, music, street theater!

Also bring rain gear (yellow/fluorescent), warm clothing, coffee, and a festive attitude. Don’t bring drugs, alcohol or violence. Be prepared to stay up late or be called back later since we won’t know when the Swarm will be needed most. Text PDXOccupy to 23559 to receive critical updates.

Here’s more detailed info about those bike rides.

We at The Occupier will also be running a liveblog of events happening tomorrow evening and the next morning. Come by our website here to see the link. You can also follow us on Twitter at @PDXoccupier for up-to-the-minute updates.

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