Day of Action

Welcome to a day of action for Occupy Portland!

Here’s what’s going on today.

First and foremost, The Occupier will have a live blog going all night long, which you can follow here.

Our Twitter account, @PDXoccupier, will also be filtering and reporting the most current, confirmed information from many sources, and you can trust it as a source of info. The Twitter hashtag for info pertaining to events today, tonight, and tomorrow is #opdx.

Text “PDXOccupy” to 23559 to receive emergency updates about the coming eviction.

The Media Coalition will be running the Livestream video feed all night.

Here are events we know are going down. Email us or add others in the comments that you know about, and we’ll update this post.

12:00pm – Time: 12:00PM Rally / 2:00PM Diversity March. Location: Waterfront park at SW Salmon st and SW Naito Pkwy

2:00pm – Affinity groups will lead neighborhoods in marches beginning around 2 PM converging on the Occupation from about 5 PM.

2:00pm – A training for those who are willing to risk being arrested is offered by the National Lawyer’s Guild at 2 PM on Saturday.

2:00pm – 7:00pm – Live music in Terry Schrunk Plaza! Little Sue, Melinda Pitterman, David Rovics, DJs and more!

5:00pm — Rally at Pioneer Square. If you’ve been following the Occupation’s actions, you’ve probably rallied at Pioneer Square. We’re expecting thousands to take the square, as usual.

6:00pm — Occupotluck! This family friendly potluck invites you to bring a dish to share (am a mess kit to eat out of). As always, we encourage a diversity of food types (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, et cetera) and knowing the ingredients of your dish. Please, do not bring any alcohol or illegal activities to our family-friendly event in a public park.

8:00pm — FREE concert at Terry Schrunk Plaza featuring musicians from across the country in celebration of freedom and community!

11:00pm – Bike Swarm! Meet at 11:00 pm at Salmon Street Fountain on Saturday night and will then roll to the encampments. Organizers say they hope new groups continue to arrive on the streets surrounding Chapman and Lownsdale Squares each hour on the hour beginning at 11:00 pm because it’s unknown exactly what time the police might begin a raid or whether or not they’ll do it at all. More info here.

12:01am — Sit-in, bike-around and stand up in Chapman and Lownsdale Parks generally demonstrating our right to non-violently assemble. If you’re able to make it down for any part of Saturday, please come after midnight. It might be a cold and long night, so come with prepared and well rested. Special guest: The Portland Police Bureau, and other neighboring law enforcement agencies.