N19 – Day of Action – Liveblog for the new encampment

Surprise! Come to the south park blocks between Jefferson and Columbia, the newly christened People’s Park.

I’m Nate Perkins, and I’ll be your liveblogger today. Other sources of information include occupyportland.org, livestream, and @OccupyOregon.


10:32 – underwear party until the cops let people set up tents

10:00 – music on now! come dance

9:49 – Don’t forget about the Single Payer Healthcare March today at Naito + Salmon at noon. And the 10pm candlelight vigil at City Hall.

9:47 – 60ish people in the park + 30ish cops.

9:31 – Police van showed up. The cops who got out of it are now taking down signs.

9:26 – Tarp wall is being removed by the blue-gloved cops. About a dozen total cops present now. ~50 citizens.

9:13 – Warning has been given to the camp that structures, including the tarps around the edge of the park, will not be permitted and will be seized. Fire inspector, on the other hand, defines tarps hanging from ropes as a canopy, not a structure.

9:10 – Correction – warnings, not citations. For now.

9:02 – Citations being written for people setting up tents

8:56 – Cops here. About 8. Telling us not to erect structures

8:43 – Library here in limited capacity, a small selection of books handpicked by our beloved Lumena. Fantastic day to read in the park.

8:41 – Occupyptown streaming live

8:40 – KBOO tent here and ready to be set up

8:39 – @OccupyOregon is here and tweeting.

8:37 – A fair amount of unmarked cop cars circling.

8:35 – Camp is tentatively called the People’s Park

8:34 – Camp is being set up. Tarp barrier in progress. Two camp entrances, at the north and south ends. Info desk 3.0 is here! Come get info.

Photo by Paul Cone.

System is Broken. Photo by Paul Cone.


Photo by Paul Cone