D12 Begins

Dateline Portland Oregon

6:00 am assembly at Kelley Point park adjacent to the port of Portland. Police were waiting at various points along the adjacent roads. Even before I reached the port area two motorcycle police pulled out in front of me providing me with an unintended escort . As we passed the T5 terminal I saw an unmarked car sitting at a turn around. Once at Kelley point park another Police car was sitting at the entrance watching people stream into the park. I was a little early for the rendezvous and already the parking lot was filled with at least fifty cars. Entering the parking lot there was a festive mood. I was greeted by numerous signs and the bustle of early morning activity. As the media van came on line reports began streaming in. Reports here in Portland of two people with warrants carrying weapons. The police reported that they were scouting for the occupation. If they were carrying weapons then they were not with the Port of Portland occupation either in spirit or fact. Rouge elements who do not understand that this is a peaceful movement. There were other reports coming in as well. Reports that the Port of Oakland was shut down. That there were a line of riot police preventing the protesters from getting closer to the port than they already were. Reports that a swarm of bike police are assembling at the port of Portland. Reports that the police at the port of Long Beach were telling the protesters to disperse to a designated protest site. A site no doubt out of sight and so out of mind. As all this information comes streaming the sound of helicopters chatter overhead. D12 has begun.

Pike Lives

Vargus Pike