Poems by David S. Pointer

photo by Lauriel

by David S. Pointer

Basic Peace Plan

Burst top banking
erupts not as an
idle volcano, but
as an active friend
oozing collegiality
into woozy lands
brimmed by poverty
coughing the dusty
past days of decaying
centuries frail with
invaders, investors,
and others waving a
vast welcome under
the cool crush of
the ongoing smile

Class Warfare

The empty walletologists
understand class warfare
or unemployed running
around like interplanetary
transients needing tissue
paper in the homeless camp
until December when the
offending classes clean
their consciences’ by
giving Christmas gifts
to the children of the
people they have helped
to economically exploit
all the past lean year long

Expansion Blueprint

When permanent prosperity
first started using Cupid’s
plastic surgeons’ we didn’t
notice all the disappeared
people on the Island of Diego
Garcia, or inquire about the
millions gone in Africa about
1900. No widows just waltzed
with the billionaire’s fables
around Singapore orchids as
the United States adopted
both post WWII Nazis and
economic Jews into their
unchristian-Christian commerce
machine as jackals were
dispensed into a repetitive
fully automatic click of
off camera collegiality