The God of High Places

by Michael Schultz

It is time for you to hear this, whether it be dangerous knowledge or not. Understanding the methods and motives of the worship of the God of High Places is very important for the future viability of the human race. I am just a squirrel, eating an acorn in the boughs of the tree of life, but the knowledge of the God of High Places has been transmitted, and must be shared across the entire tree, from root to tip. The first thing that you should know is that the God of High Places is a belly God. The second thing you should know is that that belly is never full. The third thing you should know is that unless you’re the elect, you’ve got a good chance of being dinner. Why are you on the plate, you might ask? Because the God of High Places demands sacrifice.

This is his way, and I say “he” consciously, because the God of High Places is very much aligned with the masculine force of the universe. This God is currently fucking the Earth for his own pleasure, with the help of many servants across the globe. You can call this God a metaphor, if it makes you sleep better, and indeed, this God works as a metaphor, a shape-shifter across the planes. But whatever name he might be called, the hungry belly God has always been the same God. All through human history, there have been times and cultures where this God has risen to the top of the hierarchy. He is the God of High Places, and the heights are where he is most comfortable. To occupy those high places in order to best serve him is the gift he offers to those that are willing to play their part.

Let me go back into my akashic records to tell you of the first time I met this God. It was on the outskirts of the burgeoning Aztec empire, and I was a farmer. It was my first field sown as a man, and my seeds were well-planted and were coming up well. My corn was coming up strong, and I was almost certain that such a yield would attract my chosen woman to become my partner for life. I looked forward to the harvest with great joy. It was a month from the harvest when the Aztecs visited us. It was not a social visit, as they burned our crops and let us know that we were dependent on them to survive over the coming year. We had become their slaves, and our land was now theirs.

Being a young and healthy man at the time, the fires of vengeance burned brightly in my heart, and I rallied several of my tribesman to fight back against the Aztecs. We were few, so we used the tactics that the few should always use when confronting the many. Stealth attacks, making use of the knowledge of the land to retreat, quick raids to keep ourselves fed. But we were too few, and the Aztecs eventually found us, and led us by the neck to their city. It was built in the center of a great lake, with long bridges leading in. We had never seen so many people in one place, as we had always lived within our boundaries.

But the knowledge of what was to come made it hard to enjoy our experience in the metropolis. We were to be the sacrifice for the harvest. Our blood would be fed to Huitzilopochtli, which was the name of the God of High Places in that time and place. The belly God was hungry, and we were to be dinner. I wish that I could say that this story ended well, but it didn’t. I was led up the stairs of the central pyramid, the blood from the hundreds of sacrifices before me staining the steps a pattern of dull and bright red. I was laid down on the altar, and my heart was cut from my chest by a priest in amazing finery. As I died, I understood who I had been sacrificed to, and I also got to see the view of the entire city below. It was a beautiful and terrible moment.

The God of High Places had taken me, but my soul wasn’t his, and I was able to see the reward of the priests that served him. In life, the priests got the view, and all the trappings of wealth and power that the God of High Places bestows. But in death… There are no words for that, and the price paid is much too high. Understand that I don’t expect you to believe any of this story, if it helps, just think of it as a metaphor. I have been the sacrifice to the God of High Places before. I have been held to the table, and had my will and person violated at the core to serve the hungry belly that’s never full. I recognize this God now, and I don’t hate him. I just think he sucks, and is a terrible being to worship.

Perhaps you are wondering how to recognize this God at work in the world right now. The truth is that he always hides in plain sight. Who has the view? Where is the pyramid? The thing to remember is that those with the view have the power to run the programs. Those with the view are always talking about sacrifice, but never sacrificing themselves. We have arrived at the point where the priests are global, which is one of the reasons why this time in history is so full of crisis and change. Are you catching what I’m throwing yet? Do you know who the priests are?

Well, if you’re not catching it yet, I’ll give you some more time to think about it while I break down the reasons that the priests are able to hide in plain sight. Think of the pyramid on a human scale, the way you get to the top is by crawling over the backs of everyone else. At the top of the pyramid, where the best view is, you are standing on the metaphorical shoulders of nearly everyone else in your structure. The real power of the priests is to build the consent of those that carry the burden as a matter of course. In the Aztec empire, the blood sacrifice was just a part of life, demanded by the Gods. The only way the priests could get to that position was by using the fear of the Gods to keep the rest of the pyramid in line. People of good moral and ethical conscience will simply say “That’s just the way things are, we can’t change the way things are.”

This is the main reason that the God of High Places can rule a culture. Those who want the view will fight to get it, and even those that don’t want the view will enforce the structure that allows it because they believe it’s just a fact of nature. So, now it’s time to expose the God of High Places. The God of the empty belly rules the market system at this point in time. His priests occupy the rooms in the skyscrapers across the world that the common folk can’t get to. We serve at the leisure of the priests and their strange God, because we believe that the market is “just the way things are.” Our sacrifice is just beginning in the developed Nations, but has been ongoing in the “developing” Nations.

This global priesthood of elite worshipers has catapulted many to the highest view so far attainable in human culture. As the world struggles with economic downturn, the priest class consumes and attains a greater and greater share of the world’s resources. We allow this to happen, because unconsciously we’ve been programmed to believe that the invisible hand of the market is a fact of nature. The truth is that the invisible hand belongs to the God of High Places and it is becoming more visible day by day. This is the hand that takes from the social safety net, and gives to the bank executives, it takes from the hungry children and gives to the commodity traders, it takes the shared resources of the Earth and gives in the form of ballooning bank statements to the elect. To the priesthood.

It’s important to note that all of the elite are not of the priesthood, some get to the view through true force of character and world shaking ideas, but these people are the minority and do not call most of the shots. At the top of the pyramid, it is mostly blood and corruption, no matter how beautifully tailored the costumes are. The decisions that are made from that vantage point are geared towards two main directions. To keep the bottom of the pyramid from realizing how they’re serving the top, while the bottom aspires for the same position, and to amass the resources of the world into the hands of the servants of the empty belly God. We are still his food, and will continue to be as long as the priests are successful in their main endeavors.

But the game is not over yet, and those that made the rules for the game fear greatly that we just decide as a people to stop playing. Let us figure out new ways to use the resources of the planet for the good of all, not just the few. Let us understand that we must work in balance with natural systems rather than at the expense of them. Let us understand that as the base of the pyramid, it is our own actions that support it. Let us look in the eye of the God of High Places and say, “I SEE YOU.”

I am but a squirrel on the tree of life, but I have seen the God of High Places. Looking into my heart I have realized that I have been the food of the empty belly God in other lives. What I cannot do is stand silent in fear as the power of this God threatens to eat us as sacrifices to a never-ending, never lessening thirst for more. I am not afraid of the God of High Places, I have been on his altar before. I may be again, but it is tragedy not to stand strong when you see him standing in the power gained from the greed of the few. Fuck the view.