The Devil Came To Occupy: Understanding Positive & Negative Truth

photo by Paul

by Gina Ronning

I have seen the devil in Occupy, and that devil came in the form of negative truth. There are many truths in this world, but this does not mean that we must sacrifice our desire for unity to the God of extreme relativism. Each truth leads down a path of its own ultimate reality. This reality is born from choice and paves a way of cause and effect. To deny a path is not to deny any one truth, but simply to reject it as one’s own. All truths are true, as they are all part of the universal reality which we as creators are able to shape and manipulate with free will.

Therefore, the question we must ask is not which things are true, but rather, which things bring life giving realities, versus those which lead to an ultimate reality of death and destruction. This is where the great dichotomy between light and dark, good and evil has derived all throughout human history. Gods, goddesses, devils and demons represent paths of realities, choices, and end results. These are what we could refer to as positive and negative truths. These paths play out in an ongoing battle between what is we perceive as ‘right’ for the world and what is not. The faces and names of these deities change, but the message rooted deep below the surface of these tales brings about a great revelation about the nature of the human condition.

The human condition is neither good nor evil; it is neither nature nor nurture, because it is both. We as human beings have the potential to reach the godhead of whatever reality we place our hearts and mind to. We also have the ability to change our reality mid road, even if only in spirit. Arguably, many people never seem to get to a place where they are able to choose their truth, because they are so consumed with trying to discover what IS true, rather than simply living their truth. It is also a rare occasion to be able to go beyond one’s own truth to see how their truth affects and influences the realities of others.

In theory, the Occupy movement was born out of a collective of individuals who were able to see beyond their own truth, and wanted to inspire a more unified reality for positive social change. For many, this desire for social change is rooted in positive truth, truths which seek to bring life and sustainability for all. However, not all who claim this positive truth live by the values and principles which actually bring it about as reality. It has been said that you will know the tree by its fruit. If we are unable to reconcile means with ends, we will never be able to fully grasp the nature of Truth. To be free is to know these differences and make a well informed choice about the paths we seek in life. Many are blinded by these differences, do not understand, or simply have made their choice. Nonetheless, what blinds us from seeing the realities that each truth can bring are: ignorance, greed, apathy, jealousy, fear, hate, unchecked anger, violence, selfishness and mistrust. These qualities are the qualities of negative truth. These realities do not give life, nor do they uphold the operating principles of the universe. They are in fact the very truths which are bringing about our current state of socio-political affairs.

To be so bold, what is right for the world can be identified, and it can be found by examining the nature of creation itself. The universe operates on very precise laws or principles which hold in delicate balance the ability to grant life and sustain all. Indigenous cultures often refer to these principles as ‘the original instructions.’ There is a great interconnectedness, so if we interrupt these principles, the universe is thrown off balance and death and destruction become the new reality. If we follow these principles, there exists an endless and eternal cycle of life that will continue. Our interpersonal and intra-personal relationships with ourselves and the world represent a microcosm of these universal principles. Humans to date, are one of the only species that continually seek to go above and control these principles rather then become a harmonious part of them.

If positive truth and the reality that comes with it are ever to be realized, we in the movement must be able to transcend all of the qualities of negative truth. We must also be able to identify these negative truths when we see or hear them, and then we must reject them. We must not be afraid to explore in depth the realities we as a collective are seeking to manifest. When we are confronted with negative truths, we need not concern ourselves with the motives or intentions of the messenger, because this is simply their truth. All we must do is be able to continue on our path of positive truth en-fettered, and committed to the gift of life giving fruit: love, nonviolence, generosity, kindness, selflessness, honesty, compassion, restoration, understanding, calmness, humility and trust. In these qualities we extend them freely to all, even to those we consider our enemies, because for those who seek a path of positive truth, these are the truths which bring balance and eternal life.

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