Three Poems by David S. Pointer

by David S. Pointer

Hobo Jungleite
(Can’t Get Arrested)

The garbage bin ingrate
with a rusty space heater
under one arm has a certain
semi-private roominess to
his outdoor obscurity today,
after having been chased by
a gang of Brother’s Grimm
Fairy Tale types around the
neighborhood, but now as
police move in to beat on
an Occupy crowd he’s at
peace remembering anti-
war protesters from the
Vietnam era years ago.

Among The Un-hired

Employment deprivation
unequally applied
throughout the society
to certain invisible
more likely to taste
Snakeslayer .45 lead
than lead a life thought
to be guaranteed by
their academic credentials
any small paycheck
could put one of these
people back in the bi-weekly
pressure chamber world
of low paid life, but some
have wives, or parents
or inheritances: others
fend off bottom level
boredom and stress by
sporadically hearing the
spray of bone spreading
bullets peppering their
dilapidated neighborhoods


interferes with
the absence
of insightful dialogue
transmitted to people

interferes with
the preference
for high level privacy
during economic piracy

interferes with
the low pay repositories
the free people usability continuum
the life cycle curiosity extraction

interferes with
the data purge
of financial, medical
and chemical information

interferes with
the myth, beauty, trivia
poetry professors pretending
they are above the fray

interferes with
the myth of the great man
the domestic assassination
the international assassination

interferes with
the diversionary entertainment
the familial and world peace
the quiet green horizons to come