Everything for Everyone

by Blake Pendergrass

Organizers in Seattle have announced a free political and cultural gathering scheduled for August 11-12. The Everything for Everyone Festival (e4e) will be an outdoor event featuring music, arts, workshops, debates and actions to “continue the spirit of resistance of 2011, and to develop it in new and meaningful ways,” according to the Festival’s Kickstarter page.

Initial endorsers of #E4E include the General Assemblies of Occupy Wall St., Occupy Seattle and Occupy Portland as well as local, national and international organizations.

Seattle organizer Lizz Petosa-Aguilera explains, “I am involved with e4e because it represents an effort to achieve a new way of living. By bringing together a diversity of radical ideas, the Festival will help us find ways to live without borders and walls between us and replace this broken system.”

To offset initial costs, event organizers are working to raise $11,000 by May 12. They are also reaching out to a broad array of groups to solicit proposals that will help shape the content and format of the Festival.

Organizers write that “the festival will be a space where people can dialogue, share analyses, and have high-level, respectful discussions that creates fertile soil for the nurturing of a new radical ecosystem where emerging theory, strategies and culture can flourish.”

“I’d like to see workshops on various artistic forms like poetry, cartooning, painting, theater and dance,” says Natalio Perez. “It’s important to include the artistic and political expressions that exist among particular oppressed nationalities, which can connect both with #Occupy and the communities in which we live.”

If you are a musician, artist, speaker, organization or individual that would like to be involved in Everything for Everyone, contact the organizers at e4e.fest[at]gmail.com. E4E is on Twitter and Facebook.

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