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Let’s Take Uncle Sam and Uncle Scrooge off Life-Support (Us)

By Elona Trogub Capitalists are great at making money but they’re terrible at predicting the future. All those dollar signs get in the way of seriously looking at the long-term consequences of their actions. Our government is run by and for capitalists. That’s why the U.S. spends half of the global total on militarization. Capitalism…

Enough is Enough!

Video by Occupy Portland Media Coalition

Occupy Portland Media Coalition, a close partner of The Occupier, has started a targeted ad campaign using their video “Enough is Enough” (above). Every view of the video not only spreads the message of their video, but also drives viewers back to their continued campaign to get the video as wide a play as possible. You too can help their campaign by donating on Loudsauce, if you like this video and think that others should see it.