Portland Joins Worldwide Prime Day Rallies in Support of Amazon Workers

Everyday Anti-Fascism, One Milkshake at a Time

Nine Years After Keaton Otis' Murder by Portland Police, Community Rededicates Itself To Gaining Justice

Ahjamu Umi's "The Paradox Principles" New Installment in His Reckonings with Power, Self-Determination


Everyday Anti-Fascism, One Milkshake at a Time

Story by Pete Shaw There is a keen slice of the anti-fascist community whose thirst for combating fascism and its attendant bigotries, particularly white supremacy, is not easily quenched. They require something else, another level of kicks. Their craving was slaked in the early afternoon on Saturday June 29 with a raucous dance party in…

City Announces Plan to Bypass State and Federal Restrictions on Livability Issues; Wages, Housing, and Policing Among Those to Reflect Emphasis on People Over Profit

Story and photos by R.G. Manuel Decrying the limitations of Sanctuary City status, the Portland City Council today declared Portland a “Stability City.” As a result, Portland will immediately move forward with plans making all its citizens have access to not just the bare necessities of survival, but also a standard of life and living…


Giving Thanks

Story by Pete Shaw I celebrate Thanksgiving. No, I do not get traditionally festive by wearing hats with buckles and pretending that the holiday itself is based in anything other than colonialism, imperialism, racism, misogyny,…

Letters From Spain, Part 3

Text and photos by Pete Shaw October 17, 2018 Dear Cyndy and Josh, La memòria és important. Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is where a piece of canvas comes to life. Nearly two weeks ago…