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What Kind of Job Creation Do We Need?

by Mark Vorpahl In this presidential election year, when the outcome hinges on the economy, the phrases “job creation” and “job creators” are quick to roll off the candidates’ tongues. It is not hard to see why. With up to 24 million unemployed and underemployed, and those working subject to the downward pressure this creates…

Postal Union Representatives Team up with Occupy

By Howard Peter Former and current Portland-area postal workers turned out for a rally at Pioneer Square this past Sunday, January 8, to get the message out that there are some bad changes are coming to America in the form of House Res. 2309 & Senate Bill 1789. Jamie Partridge, a retired postal worker at…

Occupier Media Roundup for January 8th through January 9th

Here’s what The Occupier thinks you should be reading: Portland Marches To Save The Postal Service « What They’re Feeding Me Occupy Albany settles in, rents office space – WSJ.com Occupy D.C. gives way to romance – The Washington Post ‘Occupy Nigeria’ emerges ahead of mass strike – CSMonitor.com