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Park Work “Re-Occupies” Chapman and Lownsdale Parks

by Jennifer Alexander On Wednesday, December 14, Occupy Portland protestors were allowed to ‘occupy’ Chapman and Lownsdale parks once again. For this occupation, however, protestors came armed with workgloves and rakes, instead of tents and protest signs. When Steve Pixley of the Portland Parks and Recreation Department put out a call for volunteers to help…

Today in Occupy: December 8, 2011

Denis Theriault, Portland Mercury’s News Editor, explains the source (and controversy) of 500 Occupy Portland t-shirts handed out on November 13, 2011. Justin James Bridges, Occupy Portland’s ASL interpreter, testifies at a City Council hearing on police accountability. Bridges was injured in the November 13 police actions to evict Occupy Portland demonstrators. More information: [email protected]