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From time to time, I’ll post links to online articles Occupiers might find interesting. Here’s the first installment. K. Kendall (all opinions and summaries mine, not representing the views of Occupy Portland). If you’d like to submit some links you’ve enjoyed, email them to [email protected]







Who is Kalle Lasn and what does he have to do with us?

The Horse’s Mouth: here.

Brief and punchy: here.

Is Lasn our brand manager? What is the relationship of Adbusters to Occupy Wall Street?  This is the NYT spin on his personality, his work, and his issues, so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s an overview and explains how to pronounce his name: here.


The Power of Silence

A letter from Blake Sohacki on the power of silent protest has drawn interest in the Occupier. See also this blog post about how eloquent the silence was at UC-Davis after that unbelievably vicious pepper-spray incident. Includes link to viral Youtube of the silent protest here.


How to defend the occupation to your conservative family

For those who have this problem, and more widely, for all of us dealing with opposition from people who, like us, are part of the 99% but don’t get what we’re doing: here.


Support and Enthusiasm for Occupy

How Occupy moves into the headspace of thirty-something professionals, from Killing the Buddha: here.

Occupy-Friendly column by Steve Duin for the Oregonian, recommending people take courage from Occupy, stop feeling helpless, and unite to work together: here

Hawai’i furnishes the power of aloha for Occupy, with a song: here

Barbara Ehrenreich (who wrote Nickel and Dimed and has been writing about the 99% since before the term was coined, calls Occupy “flying squadrons for justice”: here.


For the Cafe set

Cafe Calls, Cafes with music and food, chat, social networking online and face to face: here.