Letter from Gregory Koch

by Gregory Koch

As society moves into the next phase of evolution, we the many are standing, in the rain, in the dark, in the park, in the streets… shouting for our freedoms, for our liberties, we will not have these taken away from us. We will not sell them away for some cheap made consumer goods, we will not sit idly by engrossed in “Idol” or “Talent” or “housewives” or whatever other consumerist crap is on TV, this was the status quot, until now! We will no longer be silent. We will rise up , We will voice our opinion, We will be heard and we will make the change we demand!

In the dead of night they come in, before dawn so the black covers they wear will mask their approach. They handle weapons like ninjas, experts in the arts. Coordinated attacks. Wielding chemical weapons, devises designed for maximum impact. Sneak up on the enemy, get as close as you can, while he sleeps, un-waiting, unnoticed… Then throw in a flash bang grenade-bust in followed by tear gas. Come in screaming and swinging your impact weapon at anything that moves, the opposition is half your size and doesn’t fight back, you should definitely be careful. Keep your face shield down, you need to be protected from those who are defending their lives by remaining non-violent. Remember you are not attacking people, these young people are the enemy, those students are going to threaten your way of life. They are protesters and you are the police. I thought you were here to defend us? I guess I was wrong.

They march all day so you can see them. They yell all day so you can hear them. They write signs and write slogans so you will know thier desires. The wants they have are for you and your children. They want a better future. They want less inequality. They want access to education. They want to work. They want to know when they are ill they can get help. They want these things for you. They march because you cannot. They yell because you have not found your voice yet. They write signs and slogans so you will know they love you. They occupy for your freedom, for your rights. So you can have a better life.