I Am

by Kate Fitzgerald

I do not comply
I defy you
I will not be silent
Not wait my turn
I will stand on tables and shout
For everything you are against
I will chain myself
To your fences
Scream when you ask for silence
Leave my blood on your steps
Bully and I will call you coward
Raise your hand, your might, and I will
Hold you accountable
I defy your arrogance
I will not be complicit in your greed
I will not stand idly and watch you rape
This earth
These people
Our lives
Their future
I claim my space, this space
I claim my body, my voice, my thoughts
I claim my government
As much mine, my responsibility,
As yours
I claim your claim on me
I yield when I yield
I give in my time
Today I stand for me
Today I stand for children
And for those whom you’ve made certain
Cannot stand for themselves
Remove me and another will rise
Money will not stop me
Power will not stop me
Force will not stop me
I am peace
And I am sure
I have stopped asking
I am Occupy

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