Tahrir Square Uprising Anniversary on January 25th

by Mario Haro

Thank you to the revolutionaries from Egypt’s Tahrir square, you have inspired the world!

A year has passed from the January 25th, 2011 Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt, where a despotic dictator has been replaced by a military junta, both funded by the The United States Dollar. What has changed? The whole world is now coming together to rise up against a sick, twisted and perverted economic system that makes the rich richer all the while creating a permanent underclass.

Now we are calling on people’s of the world to go to there local public meeting space on January 25th, 2012 to show those in power, the 1%, that we’ll not allow our Earth to be ruined for our children’s children, for the benefit of the few. Let it be known: the people of the world have learned their history. We know that the global economy is based on violence, greed, sexism, racism, classism, destruction of community, and fear. We reject this sociopathic ideology. We will create pieces of art, music, clothing and food to share. We will gather peacefully to discuss with our friends, family and former strangers about accountability for the 1%, sustainability for the economic system, and personal responsibility by and for each human being that is lucky enough to breath another day on this beautiful earth.

March in the streets with joy in the fact that we are free people and have claimed our lives back from the clutches of this hideous economic and mental slavery. We see you behind the curtain, Emperor 1%. You are naked; we will clothe you. You are hungry for soul food; we will feed you. You are thirsty for reality; we have plenty to quench this thirst. You have no shelter from the greed; we will house you with love.

Expect Us. Expect the global revolution. Decolonize the mind. Occupy your heart with love and respect for your fellow peoples and the earth.