The Dream of Sleep


A Light in the Commons

Illumines a Truth

Entropy of ordinance

Makes for horrid experience


Miles of empty real estate

Heated for the plumbing

Souls shiver on sidewalks

Denied legal bedding


Shattered Realities

And Neighborly Angst

Breed environment of Fear

No politician will stand against

A cadre of neighbors

Riddled . . . Scared


Enigma how the riddle gets unraveled

But folks are being strangled

And deprived of their dreams


Public Education

Fear Remediation

It’s our only Hope

Teaching All how to cope


“R-2-D-2,” Four, Five, Six

PBA tries to hex

With their war on the poor

And You and I have the Fix


A Light in the Commons

Illumines a Truth

Society needs to be soothed


Nightmares run rampant

When you’re forced to the street

Where the only dream you have


The Dream Of Sleep

by Kernel Moses

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