Two Alternative Holiday Celebrations

By Gina Ronning and a Committee of Occupy Portland Supporters

1) Light for Life On Black Friday

Light for Life Flyer

A Vigil in Solidarity for All Those Left Out in the Streets.

4:00pm November 25th to 10:00 am November 26th

Pioneer Square


Flyer explains:


*Tea lights (or votives), and bring enough for the entire night until morning (10am)

*Bells to ring

*A sign with a nonviolent message about poverty, greed, or homelessness.

*A sponsor with a roof who can keep your things safe, bring you food/necessities, and give you bathroom breaks.

* A partner to take shifts with.

*Warm clothes and an umbrella



*Tents or Structures.

*Gear, Backpacks or other items that may clutter the space.

*Alcohol or Drugs.

*A negative attitude.


This is a candlelight vigil on Black Friday as a peaceful reminder of all those pushed under the rug during these times of greed and economic hardship. Participants will surround the perimeter of Pioneer Square during the tree lighting ceremony, as well as through the night until the next morning. Each light will represent a life forgotten, a person in the cold, a person with no home or access to the things that so many others have in this city. Bring tea lights or votive candles to be placed at your feet and hold signs with peaceful messages of goodwill. People can sing, ring bells, or stand in silence. This action will require warm clothes and endurance. I am also recommending that people have a partner to do this action with so that shifts can be taken for breaks.

NOTE: This event is inspired by the issues of targeted police harassment towards our friends and supporters out on the streets with no place to go. In my letter to the city and the PPB, I make it clear that we will stand and sit and sleep everywhere until the injustices of homelessness, poverty and police brutality in Portland are addressed in a manner which actually provides for human needs.



Occupy Santarchy Flyer



2) Occupy Santarchy!

Saturday, December 17th

12 Noon @ The Arches across from the Skidmore Fountain (downtown PDX)


Will be occupying Santacon, a long held holiday tradition in this town where several hundred Santas take to the streets in search of spirits and good cheer. Not without its own history of police altercations, Santacon is known for mischief and rabble rousing. However this year we have placed a call for Santas to come channel some of their energy on a two hour city excursion to deliver coal and misfit toys to the those on the naughty list, as well as greetings and good cheer to those on the nice list.


Dress in your Santa gear or most festive outfits, bring bells, misfit toys, and treats. Prepare to sing some Occupy Carols, and simply have a ridiculous good time! This event is intended to be light hearted, nonviolent, but very CHEEKY!


These are not events sponsored by the General Assembly but have been created by people who are in sympathy with Occupy. 

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