The Hydra of Justice

The port of Portland has been shut down. Now old news if you have been following the live blog or any of the local news stations. Once again the Occupy movement has been successful in achieving the goals it has set out to achieve. Resistance is not futile. The primary opposition that I have heard from people regarding the political and economic action that is taking place today is that it is taking money out of the hands of the workers at the port. It is regrettable whenever any hard working American suffers economic hardship for any reason. Something to think about with that is that the ships will still have to be loaded and unloaded. The roads of commerce must roll. Schedules must be kept and to keep those schedules the port owners, the 1%, are still going to have to pay the workers to unload and load. The truckers will still have to make their deliveries and pick up their loads. The work will get done. The workers will get paid for doing it if not today then tomorrow. Life will go on but the people who own the ports and the banks and the media and the government will sleep just a little bit more uneasy tonight because they sense that they are facing a movement that will not just go away when challenged.

It sends a message that a segment of the 99% will not be silenced. They will not be silenced by police violence. They will not be silenced by the constant vilification and ignorance coming from 1% lackeys who cry “get a job and take a bath”. That minority who try to characterize the people of this movement as lazy, ignorant whiners just looking for a handout. They will not be silenced by destroying encampments. People take note. This movement is not going away. Like a many headed hydra for justice if you lop off an encampment then a port blockade and an occupy foreclosure’s movement will spring up in its place. The Occupy movement is a movement based on fairness and justice, its life blood is the hope eternal that lives in all people. The hope for a life where opportunity and fairness are not just ideals but reachable goals. The hope that their children’s future will be a brighter one than the one they had. Hope that a lifetime of hard work does not lead to the garbage heap of stolen retirement savings, eviction and death from inadequate healthcare.

Pike lives

Vargus Pike