Solidarity Message from the Occupied Chicago Tribune

by Patrick Glennon

My name is Patrick–I’m from the Occupy Chicago Tribune collective. We just released our first four-page broadsheet newspaper, a run of 20,000 copies. We aim to bring the movement to the broader public and to provide news and analysis the Occupy movement can use to grow and flourish: reports from the occupation, resources and ways to join, and the stories of the diverse group of Chicagoans who make up the 99 percent.

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign through which we hope to attract $6,000 in donations to run our paper (we currently have over $2,000). The staff is volunteer, and the paper is free. Without money to sustain our operations and grow, we risk losing a valuable infrastructure to help carry (and promulgate) the Occupy movement’s message through the winter–and beyond.

Our Kickstarter page, through which we are raising money

Our Facebook page

And our Main Site

A PDF of our very first issue is available on all of these sites.

We only have 9 days left to achieve our goal.

Thank you so much for your time. We hope to work with Occupy Portland and all the Occupy publications that grow out of our movement. Together, we will tackle the horrendous inequity and rampant corruption that haunt American society.

In solidarity,

The folks at Occupy Chicago Tribune.