Occupy Bohemian Grove

by Ryan Bartek

Hello Occupy Portland. Many of you may know me, as I’ve been involved since Day One. During the October encampment, I relentlessly distributed flyers for an event dubbed OCCUPY BOHEMIAN GROVE which is set take place this July in Monte Rio, California.

Why July? Because that’s when The Bohemian Club has their encampment. At the moment, Monte Rio is a tiny community of 3,000 people in the redwoods of Northern California – it’s a ghost town right now. But in July, a huge portion of the most powerful men in the world – or shall I say the 1% — will all converge for a two week encampment.

Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre campground that plays host to what I can only describe as a Burning Man Festival for the Global Elite. The centerpiece is an extremely creepy ritual called the Cremation of Care Ceremony. It’s been infiltrated & filmed on three occasions — twice by the BBC, and once by Alex Jones of InfoWars.com.

The Occupation Movement began as a war cry against the criminal nature of big business. While many directed their anger at the banksters, Wall Street & a thoroughly corrupt Congress, there were many involved such as myself who saw a much different picture.

These “1% Targets” are obviously worthy of the disgust they’ve accumulated – but the reality is they are the worst symptoms of the problem. They are not the problem in and of itself. From “Point A” the general protesting masses saw the obvious you’d expect them to see – at “Point D” (where we now exist) the depths of the conspiratorial abhorrence we’re entrapped by as USA citizens is being revealed at manic pace.

As the masses congregated & the education spiraled, the focus went from Wall Street & the bankers to the inherent fascism of our own society. The focus soon shifted to the Federal Government – and now all eyes are beginning to set themselves on the hidden hands really running the show. People are starting to catch on to “The Real 1%.”

Unlike most of my comrades in Radical Caucuses abroad, I haven’t been detoured by what I feel is the misguided targeting of “anarcho newbies.” I think fresh blood is essential, even if The Occupy Movement was originally a zeitgeist conflagration of folks who probably semi believed in the Democratic Party/Obama or that their votes or lives meant anything to the brokers of power.

To those grumbling anarcho-elitists I say “get over it.” Radicalism was “their thing” & now it’s “trendy.” Well you can sit in your Red & Black cafes & squat houses & forever preach to the same choir. Doesn’t affect anything.

Give me the 19 year old college girl that’s never been tear gassed or slept on the street, that hand-billed block by block for Barack not knowing any better, who never even heard the name Bradley Manning until she walked into an encampment by chance.

Why? Because the general masses are the game-changer. And the way that we win this struggle is not battling over a paltry stretch of park with riot cops but making sure everyone in America knows what BOEHMIAN GROVE is.

If everyone in the USA knew what I’m about to tell you, then it would be game over for the 1% overnight. It’s the dirtiest, most freakish skeleton in their closet. And whether or not it’s some bizarre, sophomoric party or our leaders actually are some satanic cult performing mock human sacrifices, it’s extremely f**king creepy.

So what is Bohemian Grove & who are the Bohemian Club members? Well I’ll roll off a some names for starters – every Republican President since 1888. Reagan, Nixon, both the Bushes. Monsters like McCain, Rumsfeld & Cheney — even Democrats like Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter. Beyond them, fellow Grovers include Newt Gingrich, Warren Buffet, Colin Powell, Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch, Henry Kissinger, John Boehner, Alan Greenspan, Karl Rove, Norman Schwarzkopf, Arnold Schwarzenegger & the entire Rockefeller clan. That’s just the tip of the iceburg.

So what do they do? Well, trying to explain this to any sane person is a real feat because it sounds completely ludicrous. As a former political journalist, street crazies & conspiracy types would rant about this to me, and I would always brush it off. But then I looked deeper in, and my life has never been the same. Quite frankly, now I feel like Roddy Piper in They Live….

So here’s the deal. Every year our leaders have a secret meeting at an 1800 acre campground in Northern California called Bohemian Grove. It’s a complex with 118 encampments that vaguely resembles an Ewok Village. On the first Saturday of their 2 week, drug-laced, black magic, male prostitute orgy — our leadership meets at a man-made lake in the middle of Bohemian Grove where a giant statue of a 40 foot stone owl rests at the lake’s shoreline.

The ritual dubbed “Cremation of Care” begins & our leaders wear red druid robes with hoods (just like KKK outfits) carry torches, chant a creepy sermon, and then burn what many eye-witnesses claim is an effigy – or dummy – of a human child inside a coffin (beneath this gigantic 40 foot stone owl). After the human child is set on fire, pyrotechnics explode everywhere in a huge spectacle as the NWO/Illuminati people watch & approve of with thundering applause.

This owl, some claim, represents Moloch — the ancient Babylonian God of war & human sacrifice (although the Grovers claim this is just their mascot & symbolizes knowledge). The ceremony is reportedly served as a catharsis for pent-up high spirits, and “to present symbolically the salvation of the trees by the club…” and “an exorcising of the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks.”

Again, I know what this sounds like. And to top it all off, this is the one place where the supposedly Christian, conservative power brokers get to have homosexual orgies. Eyewitnesses claim that most the men are running around naked for two weeks, with male prostitutes shipped in from all over the world & paid off to remain silent. In the Watergate tapes, Richard Nixon was caught describing Bohemain Grove as “the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine,”

The 118 camps where our leaders are sectioned off into quadrants… Owls Nest (U.S. Presidents/Military/Defense Contractors); Cave Man (Think Tanks/Oil Companies/Banking/Defense Contractors/Universities/Media); Lost Angels (Banking/Defense Contractors/Media); Hill Billies (Big Business/Banking/Politics); Mandalay (Big Business/Defense Contractors/U.S. Presidents); Stowaway (Rockefeller Family Members/Oil Companies/); Uplifters (Corporate Executives/Big Business);
Hideaway (Military/Defense Contractors); Isle of Aves (Military/Defense Contractors);
Silverado squatters (Big Business/Defense Contractors); Sempervirens (California-based Corporations); Hillside (Military—Joint Chiefs of Staff); Idlewild (California Corps).

CREMATION OF CARE ritual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHeP4OGZO0g

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