What if: A Collective Litany

by A Musing

What if the sheriff ‘s department delivered a foreclosure and said,
“We’re delivering this
but we will not enforce it” ?

What if the locksmith company was booked well in advance and
couldn’t come by to
change the locks …. ever ?

What if the policeman refused to arrest a six-year-old child and
called DHS to complain about the school authorities ?

What if police refused to torture unarmed citizens with tazers ?

What if the police refused to obey laws that were unconstitutional
and against common sense ?

What if the sky above Chicago was filled with balloons of all
colors through the NATO
Summit ?

What if the Secret Service wasn’t so vile they didn’t have to pay
to get laid ?

What if villagers in remote terrains were not considered
“collateral damage” by the military and mercenaries hired by the US
government ?

What if Monsanto corporation was banned from every country because
the government
was the people and the people wanted real nature, not poison mutant
forms ?

What if drone engineers designed drones with a hidden function that
would make them self destruct in the sky ?

What if factory workers at drone plants refused to build weapons of
mass destruction ?

What if TSA employees realized they are being fed delusional lies
while their job puts them at an exceedingly high risk of cancer ?

What if the Supreme Court was replaced by justices that were not
sold out to the corporations?

What if people stopped wondering how they could capitalize on their
neighbors ?

What if women were valued and men of integrity were in office to
allow them to hold up half the sky ?

What if our elected officials were not willing to sacrifice what’s
left of the natural world
so that an elite few could have more money in their retirement fund ?

What if a backwoods trapper suddenly realized that an animal
suffering in a trap didn’t deserve to be clubbed to death for

What if children were taught to be inquisitive and spontaneous
instead of how to be a good factory drone and regurgitate isolated
facts from memory ?

What if poverty was not criminalized ?

What if the federal government was concerned with truth and justice
instead of surveillance and intimidation of its own people ?

What if citizens began to systematically withdraw from the crazy
dream of a failing system in every feasible way ?

What if, starting on May 1, citizens began to systematically
withdraw their complicity in a failing, destructive system ?

Solidarity on Mayday!

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