Occupy Trials Lined Up on Fall Court Docket

Photo by Paul

By Andrea Townsend

The Multnomah County Courthouse was buzzing with Occupiers and their lawyers on August 16 as they awaited Judge Cheryl Albrecht’s latest ruling on matters relating to numerous Occupy Portland arrests, interactions and altercations over the past year.

Beginning on August 23 and continuing through November, Occupiers and their supporters will flood the courthouse as trials unfold on issues including police misconduct, free speech and the right to assemble.

On Thursday, defense attorneys made several motions requesting more detailed discovery information from the prosecution, including the identity of one unnamed Occupy Portland informant. Defense attorneys also noted that the prosecution has provided reports about specific individuals but not for all defendants, as well as failing to provide evidence of all Miranda warnings given to defendants at the time of their arrests.

Judge Albrecht reiterated that the prosecution is required to hand over this information if it exists.  Assistant District Attorney Brian Lowney claimed that to the extent such records exist they have been provided. The prosecution also clarified that they have yet to receive a response to their Portland Police Bureau request regarding the confidential source named in police reports. Judge Albrecht made it clear that the defense will have to subpoena the police if it wants this information.

After hearing motions, trial dates were set for most Occupy cases. Because these dates are subject to change without notice at the whim of the court, attendees are encouraged to check with the court before heading downtown.

Occupy trial schedule

August 23, 9 a.m., Courtroom 734 — trial of Kernel Moses, arrested on March 2, 2012.

Sept. 5-6, Courtroom 602 — Chapman Square eviction on 11/13/11.

Sept. 11, Courtroom 518 — Main Street and 3rd Avenue arrests on 10/13/11.

Sept. 24, Courtroom 428 — trial of Dan Kaufman and the Disco Trike (Tahrir Square solidarity march).

Sept. 26-27, Courtroom 216 — Jamison Square arrests on 10/30/11.

Oct. 2, Courtroom 428 — Col. Summers Park arrests on 2/6/12.

Oct. 3-4,  Courtroom TBA — N16 arrests.

Oct. 3-4, Courtroom TBA — N17 (Chase Bank) arrests, except Elizabeth Nichols.

Oct. 8-9, Courtroom 428 — trial of Elizabeth Nichols, arrested on N17.

Oct. 15, Courtroom 428 — trial for arrests on F29 (2/29/12).

Nov. 13 -14, Courtroom 428 — May Day arrests on 5/1/2012.

All trials begin at 9 a.m. unless otherwise noted.  Dates are still pending for Occupy the Post Office arrests (5/24/12) and Shemanski Park (12/3/11) eviction.

Photo by Paul


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