World Premiere: Occupation Nation

You may already love, or at least be familiar with, the B Media Collective through their regular People’s Cinema events at the Occupy Portland camp.  If so, you’ll want to be at St. Francis this Friday at 8 pm  for the world premiere of the local activist-filmmaker group’s Occupation Nation.

According to the group, “This movie slams the new era of global uprising into a 1/2 hour episode of political remix videos and documentary shorts that plays Jung to the mycelia mind of the Occupy Movement.”

Remixing interviews with the anti-leader of the Occupy Wall Street movement, David Graeber, with the historical perspective of Darryl Mitchell and the Black Revolutionary Auto Workers, the film ties together national actions like #F29 with the Eros effect, Obama in Disney World, music videos, and a special guest appearance with Corporal Savage that is hotter than mace in your face.

Says Nat of B Media Collective,

“Friends, Lovers, Comrades and Portlanders, come check out B Media Collective‘s 5th Variety Show this Friday. We have been working hard on it for the last few months and know that this will be our best one yet.”

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