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City Council Ignores Voices of People of Color; Rewards Police Violence with New Contract

Photo by Kathryn Kendall

  Story by Pete Shaw Let’s skip the formalities and conventions and get right to the point: Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Nick Fish, and Commissioner Amanda Fritz are racists. They are dangerous racists whose recent support for the new police contract shows a complete disregard for the lives of people of color–particularly Black people–and an equally…

Deepening Solidarity in the Fight for Racial Justice

Photo courtesy of APANO.

Story by Pete Shaw The road to obtaining political power is fraught with obstacles, including a variety of institutional forms of racism. As Frederick Douglass once noted, power concedes nothing without a demand. Democracy must be wrested from the powerful through the hard work of those struggling for justice. As advocates for justice organize communities,…

Portland Committee Recommends City Divestment from Wells Fargo Due to For-Profit Prison Link

Photo by Enlace

Story by Pete Shaw After several months of deliberation and community input,  the Socially Responsible Investments Committee (SRIC) voted unanimously to recommend that the City of Portland divest its holdings in Wells Fargo & Company due to the company’s financing of for-profit prisons and “morally bankrupt” lending practices. The City currently holds $40 million in…