M1: The Portland Occupier Reports May Day

The Portland Occupier brings you a special feature

on the events of May 1, 2012, in Portland, Oregon.


May Day Overview: Progress Brewing, Police Brutality Growing Stale

by Rochelle

Striking Students Provide a Lesson in Democracy

by Vargus Pike

Police-Free Zone: What Peace Looks Like

by Kendall

Undocumented, Unafraid

by Staff

Video: Portland Police Beat Protesters, Pull Their Hair, Drag them in the Street, Attack Media

by Staff

May Day by the Minute: Liveblog Recap

edited by Adam Rothstein


A First Hand Account of the Heinous Crime of Jaywalking

by Little Bear

Fire a Cop, Hire Two Teachers

by Nicholas Caleb

An Open Letter to Lt. King, Chief Reese, and Mayor Adams

by Kip Silverman

A Letter Regarding the May Day March

by Victory Woodhull

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