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Citizen Support Cracks Bureaucratic Inhumanity Against Homeowner

September 11, 2012

Story and photos by Pete Shaw The notice on the door of Room 3000 at 1900 SW 4th Avenue —  home of Portland’s Bureau of Development Services (BDS) — listed the various administrative hearings that would be taking place on September 6, 2012.  I was present because I expected a 9 a.m. hearing between...
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Supporters Rally Around Chicago Teachers Union as Ten-Day Strike Notice Issued

September 8, 2012
Attendees at the August 29 town hall meeting to support the Chicago Teachers Union.  Photo by Sarah Jane Rhee/Chicago Indymedia, Creative Commons.

This story originally appeared at the Occupied Chicago Tribune. By Nick Burt News of the Chicago Teachers Union’s declaration of a ten-day strike notice spread across the city’s evening news broadcasts Wednesday. As Chicagoans prepared for the first schools shutdown in twenty-five years, hundreds rallied at the downtown Chicago Temple to build community support for the prospective...
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Citizens Demand Their Government Stand Up To Coal

September 6, 2012
DSC_7472 (1)

Story and photos by Pete Shaw A boisterous crowd of over 100 people descended on the Northwest Headquarters of the Army Corps of Engineers on August 28 to demand an environmental and public health impact study for all four possible export coal terminal sites, as well as planned routes for the trains and barges...
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Tax the Rich or Privatize the State?

September 4, 2012
Photo by Sarah Mirk/Portland Mercury

By Shamus Cooke   The Great Recession and its possible continuance has brought the issue of privatization to the forefront of American politics. But most Americans aren’t even aware that this debate is happening, because the media and politicians aren’t using the word “privatization”. Instead, less threatening substitutes are used to ram through a...
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Workers Must Take Control

September 3, 2012
Photo by John Wood

By Mark Vorpahl Many of the social expectations and political outlooks of today’s Labor Movement, and workers in general, were formed during the post-World War II economic expansion. With a growing economy and steady job supply, many people seemed content to focus on improving their immediate community or individual union with the expectation that,...
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A Competitive Race to the Lowest Wages

August 30, 2012

Story and photos by Pete Shaw “Protecting a competitive race to the lowest wages is crucial,” said Tom Chamberlain, President of the Oregon AFL-CIO. After a confused pause, Chamberlain restated himself, replacing “protecting” with “preventing.” It was a slightly awkward moment at this strange gathering billed as a “Listening Session on the Trans-Pacific Partnership...
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#Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines

August 28, 2012
Michelle Mantone raises a fist at the Occupy Gracie Mansion for All Abilities action in New York. Photo by Mickey Z-Vegan.

This week in Occupy, Pussy Riot was sentenced to two years in Russian prison, we expressed solidarity with General Motors hunger strikers in Colombia, activists far and nigh set their sights on Tampa and the Republican National Convention, and the one-year Occuversary is approaching. #After a short trial, three members of Pussy Riot, an...
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Community Continues to Speak Out Against Coal Trains

August 27, 2012

Story and photos by Pete Shaw The Lombard Overpass of the railroad cut that bisects St. John’s – from the Willamette River to the Columbia Slough – was the site of an August 18 demonstration, with over 75 activists protesting and educating people about the proposed transportation of coal through Oregon and Washington. With...
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Howard Zinn: Life and Legacy

August 26, 2012
Photo by Hillary via Flickr

This story originally appeared over at The Boston Occupier. By Doug Enaa Greene Although Howard Zinn died over two years ago at the age of eighty-seven, his legacy lives on through popular education initiatives and struggles for social justice. Howard Zinn was a pioneer in combining the roles of academic and activist. Not only...
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Sleep Activist Wins in Court

August 25, 2012

  by Andrea Townsend Sleep Activist, “Kernel” Moses Wrosen was found not guilty on two charges Thursday, stemming from his March 2 arrest outside City Hall. Wrosen was sleeping on a wooden platform on the sidewalk in demonstration against the city’s camping ban, when police woke him up and ordered him to move the...
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